Saturday, July 26, 2014

IUDs: Contraceptives without Worry

When the time is right, many women are eager to begin their family. Until then, if you are within the child-bearing age range, pregnancy can occur even if you aren’t ready. To prevent unwanted pregnancies, seek a form of birth control that works for you and your lifestyle. One such method is the IUD. IUD stands for intrauterine device. Earlier devices included the Dalkon Shield which fell out of favor some twenty or more years ago when women began getting serious infections with them. Now, the IUD has made a comeback. The IUD is over 99 percent effective at stopping pregnancy. It rivals the traditional birth control pill for pregnancy prevention. With an intrauterine device, pregnancy is prevented for anywhere from five to ten years as long as the device stays in place. The general shape of an IUD is like a capital letter “T.” the device is inserted into the vagina by a doctor. The top of the device extends into the fallopian tube openings with the rest of it hanging inside the vagina. There are two strings that extend from the end of the device for easy removal when you are ready. There are two types of IUDs on the market: copper and hormonal. The copper IUD is branded ParaGard. It can be inserted for up to ten years at a time. The device works by releasing copper into the vagina which in effect, kills the sperm. The device also inhibits implantation of the egg should the sperm reach it. The Mirena is a hormonal IUD. It contains hormones much like the pill that makes the uterus unsuitable for implantation by an egg. It has the same shape as the copper IUD and inhibits the motility of the sperm to reach the egg. Pros of IUD Methods of Birth Control: • Both IUDs, copper and hormonal, offer protection from pregnancy without worry. The device stays in place with low  maintenance.
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 Doctors recommend you check once a month for the presence of the strings to be sure it is still in place in the vagina. • The Mirena offers women lighter or, for some, the absence of periods. Also, cramping is virtually nonexistent with the hormonal version. Cons of IUDs: • IUDs do not protect against sexually-transmitted diseases. If you are not in a monogamous relationship, this device may not be for you. • There is a chance of bacterial infection after insertion. • The device can expel itself spontaneously. This is why doctors recommend you check to see if you can feel the strings regularly. Once the device is out, pregnancy can occur at any time. • Heavy menstrual bleeding is a side effect. IUDs offer birth control without worry. You don’t have to remember each day to take something or have to concern yourself with regard to insertion and removal. IUDs work best when the two partners are committed to each other, but are not ready to start a family just yet.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


1. To Open that Stuck Zipper: Rub the teeth with a bar of soap orspray with shaving cream.
2. An Ideal Pin Cushion: Use a bar of soap. Makes sewing easier and needle just slides through hard material.
3. To Unwrinkle Plastic Materials: Heat ironing board with iron, lay material on board, then smooth with hands.
4. Neat and Easy Needle Threading: Dip tip of needle in clear nail polish and let dry.
5. How to Remove Scorches: Wet scorched area and cover with cornstarch, then brush off when dry.
6. Lengthen Life of Wooden Clothes Pins: Boil them in a salt solution. 7. A Neat String Dispenser: Nail a funnel to the wall and pull string out of bottom of funnel.
8. Tips on Storing Plastic Curtains: Sprinkle talcum powder between the layers as you go.
9. Basting Made Easy: Just tape then sew around the pieces of tape. 10. How to Revive Old Clothing: Shave those fluffs off with a safety razor.
11. Make an Emergency Clothes Brush: Wrap a piece of tape around the hand, sticky side out.
12. Stop Clothes Catching on Wooden Hangers: Put a coat of clear nail polish over splinters and rough edges.
13. A Needle Sharpening Pin Cushion: Use steel wool to fill your cushion.
14. Quick Needle Sharpening Trick: Rub needle against an emery board.
15. Make a Good Yarn Preserver: Wrap yarn around a moth ball for storage.
16. Handy Tip for Cutting Fur: Use a razor blade on back of fur when cutting and you will not cut any hair.
17. Tips on Sewing Slippery Material: Stick a piece of waxed paper in seam, pull away when finished.
18. Easy Pickup of Needle Spills: Use a small magnet.
19. Excellent Knitting Tip: Keep ball of yarn in nylon stocking - will flow out free of tangles.
20. How to Get Rid of Shiny Pants: Make a solution of one part vinegar to four parts water. Soak a cloth in solution, wring out, place over pants and press lightly.
21. When You Need Heavy Duty Thread: Use dental floss.
22. Make a Handy Tape Measure Holder: Wind tape around an old adhesive tape spool.
23. Prevent Nylon from Yellowing: Add baking soda to your wash and rinse water.
24. Make a Perfect Sock Darner: Pull socks over a light bulb - makes it easier.
25. Restore Velvet Like New: Brush good, then hang in a steamy bathroom.
26. How to Get Rid of Knots on Sweaters: Rub lightly with a piece of sandpaper.
27. How to Remove Lint from Wool: Use a damp sponge and touch lightly.
28. Caring for Leather: Brush with skim milk every three months.
29. Repair Scuffed Patent Leather: Cover with same color polish, let dry; then cover with clear nail polish.
30. Repair Cracking Patent Leather: Before each wearing, rub briskly with your hand, then a soft cloth.
31. How to Soften Leather Shoes: Sponge with black coffee.
32. Create Rainbow Colors for Bottles and Vases: Use floating art colors available from most paint stores. Take a pail and fill it with water, then put a few drops of several different art colors on top of water. You can now take any article you wish and dip down through the colors slowly back and forth. Great for decorating above items, tye-dye shirts, etc.
33. To Protect Your Sewing Bag: Stick the point of your closed scissors into a cork.
34. Neat Pin and Needle Container: Save those stick deodorant containers. They work great!
35. Renew those Worn Out Blankets: Sew cloth on both sides and you have a new quilt.
36. To Ensure the Sections of Material Cut from a Pattern are Accurate: First press the sections before laying them to be cut.
37. Breath Life into Those Worn Lingerie Items: Machine stitch over small breaks.
38. Keep Needles Rust Free: Stick them straight into a bar of soap.
39. Money Making Craft Business You Can Start Today with Low Overhead: Try making seat cushions. In many cases you will be able to beat the high prices charged in stores. Try selling for 50% less.
40. Eliminate the Old Hemline in Your Wool Clothes: When lowering, sponge with vinegar, then press.
41. Save Repair Bills on Your Sewing Machine: Try oiling and delinting first before sending out for costly repairs.
42. Handy Substitute for Hemline Chalk: A bar of soap works fine.
43. Prevent Your Thread from Knotting when Basting: Tie a knot in the thread before snipping off.
44. Remove Stains from Suede: First rub with a emery board, then leave in a steamy shower or apply light steam from your iron.
45. Remove Grease From Valuable Silks: Rub in baby powder and let stand several days, then brush out. Powder should absorb the grease. 46. Tip on Ironing Ruffles: Always iron these on the wrong side and from the edge in.
47. Handy Tip for Ironing Skirt Hems: Always make sure hems are fully dry. Iron from bottom to top, not side to side. Iron with the grain of the fabric.
48. To Iron Embroidered Items: Lay right side down on a terrcloth and press out.
49. Don't Pop Your Button: Cover them with a spoon while ironing. 50. Ironing Seer Sucker: If you ever have to do so, on the wrong side only.
51. Fast Easy Way to Remove Lint: Put your garment on the fluff cycle in dryer for a few moments.
52. Handy Tip for Filling Steam Irons: Your old squeeze bottles work great!
53. Quickie Iron Tip: Place Reynolds Wrap under the ironing board cover. Heats up faster and cuts your time in half.
54. Patchwork Tip: Before your sew a patch on any washable garment, be sure to wash the patch once to avoid shrinkage.
55. Cool Folding Tip: After ironing, be sure to let the garments cool completely before storing.